A simple and fanciful dish, just like Liguria

A tasty dish, based on a few simple ingredients. This is bagnun, with “just a few ingredients”, as people say in Riva Trigoso, the village of this dish and the place where in July a famous festival is held; it allows you to prepare a delicate dish worthy of a royal table.

The important thing is that, in addition to the skill of the cook, natural ingredients are to be used, i.e. anchovies and protected-origin-denomination Riviera Ligure extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients for 4 people: 500 grams anchovies, 4 ship’s biscuits, 3 cloves of garlic, 2 onions, 1 tuft of parsley, 300 grams tomatoes (San Marzano), extra virgin olive oil to taste, a glass of white wine, salt.

Preparation: it is first of all necessary to clean the anchovies. Then some oil is put in a saucepan and in it the garlic, the onions cut in slices and lastly the parsley are bathed. Then douse with a glass of white wine and allow to evaporate while mixing. Add the tomatoes cut in coarse pieces and leave for half an hour on a medium gas, until the “sauce” is fairly thick. At this point four soup plates are prepared with a ship’s biscuit each. Put the anchovies in the sauce and leave for 5-6 minutes. When cooking is completed pour it all on the ship’s biscuits. The dish must be eaten hot.