The prince of Levanto cuisine, today it is appreciated everywhere. Easy to cook, good to eat

Gattafin is a sort of fried ravioli with a filling of scented herbs seasoned with onion, eggs and cheeses. It is found in Levanto but also in the rest of La Spezia province.

Ingredients. For the filling: chards, mixed herbs, little onions or sweet onions, fresh marjoram, eggs, grated parmesan cheese, seasoned Sardinian pecorino cheese, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt (pepper or nutmeg), and optionally fresh ricotta. For the pastry: self-raising flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt, water (white wine or an egg).

Preparation. For the pastry, knead the flour with a dash of oil, the water and a pinch of table salt to get a smooth and soft mixture. Stand for half an hour in film. In the meantime wash the herbs, boil them in water with salt added, drain well and when cold mince them. In a big frying pan brown the shallot minced with a dash of oil, then add the herbs and cook. Separately mix the beaten eggs with the parmesan cheese, the pecorino cheese, the ricotta, a pinch of pepper and lastly the well browned herbs. Aromatize it all with marjoram and nutmeg. Lastly spread out the thin sheet of pastry, cut out some disks and at the centre of each one put a spoonful of mixture. Close the disks in a crescent shape, press the edges well and fry the ravioli in a frying pan with hot oil. Serve the ravioli well strained and hot.