Pasta with an edge, a unique and fantastic seasoning like green pesto made with protected-origin-denomination basil

This is another dish that derives from the Genoese tradition, and like many dishes it originated among poorer people. Once upon a time in Genoa, in shops or on stalls a type of pasta considered second quality was sold that was called avvantaggiata (advantaged) because it contained a certain quantity of bran or chestnut flour and then cost less. This type of pasta, thanks to its natural roughness and particular taste, lends itself very well to being seasoned with pesto, especially if accompanied by potatoes and green beans.

Preparation. Boil the green beans in abundant salted water. After 10 minutes’ cooking, throw into the same saucepan some slices of potato about half a centimetre thick and the trenette (long flat pasta). Cook for another 11 minutes. While the pasta is cooking, put the pesto in the serving dish and add a little cooking water and dissolve the ingredients well so as to get a fluid cream. Strain the pasta with the potatoes and the beans, season and serve immediately.