It has become a cult in Ligurian cuisine, and is found on all menus that count, so fish ravioli is a gastronomic highpoint

It is a classic of Ligurian cuisine. Yet the fish ravioli recipe is never the same; every restaurant gives its own twist to this savoury first course. The filling varies according to the fish and there are even those who have experimented with anchovies with good results. But the ideal recipe is with angler-fish.

Ingredients. Pastry: 200 grams flour, 2 egg yolks, 1 egg white, salt and water to taste. Filling: 400 grams of fish pulp, 100 grams fresh spinach, 2 whole eggs, 100 grams parmesan cheese, pepper, salt, oil and butter.

Preparation. Make the pastry, being very careful to thin it at the correct point. For the filling, brown the fish pulp previously cooked in butter. Boil the spinach separately and then cool everything. Mince the spinach, adding the eggs, the parmesan cheese, a pinch of pepper, and salt. Then add to the fish pulp and mix. The best sauce for the seasoning is wedge clam sauce.