More than a tradition, it is a flag: a symbol of Genoa like the Lantern.

Pandolce, like the Lantern, has remained unchanged for centuries: natural leavening, candied fruits chosen among the best products, raisins from Smyrna, pine kernels from Pisa. We are talking about pandolce, a prince of the Genoese and Ligurian table in the Christmas festivities.

For a kilo of pandolce (on sale there are ones weighing half a kilo, a kilo, a kilo and a half and three kilos) you need 190 grams natural yeast, 240 grams superfine flour, 75 grams butter, 100 grams sugar, 240 grams raisins (the best are from Smyrna), 180 grams of candied fruits (orange and cedar peel in the same measure), 30 grams pine kernels (the tastiest ones come from Tuscany, the so-called extra Pisa).

Preparation. You mix it all and the classic form of the pandolce is obtained. On top you make the so-called “priest’s hat”, a triangle engraved with a knife. Then it leavens for about 16 hours and it is baked at 170 degrees. You must remember some important rules, respected by old Ligurian people: pandolce should be presented on the table with a sprig of olive inserted in the upper part and some laurel branches on the serving dish. Then the pandolce must be cut by the oldest member of the family and the first slice must be given to a poor man.