An old tradition; Sassello and Savona amaretti are a tasty titbit during the feast

In the nineteenth century, farmers in Savona province loved to plant almond trees near their houses, enjoying in spring the spectacle of the flowering and in autumn the fruits harvest. When the problem arose of using almonds they invented the amaretto.

Ingredients: 150 g of minced almonds, 240 g of icing sugar, 110 g of caster sugar, 4 egg whites, half a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Preparation. Whisk the almonds for one minute, add the icing sugar and whisk for another two minutes. Sieve the mixture into a bowl. Beat the egg whites until stiff and gradually add the caster sugar. Add in the vanilla mixing well, then the minced almonds a few at a time. Put the mixture or a part of it in a piping bag (smooth mouth a centimetre wide) and on a sheet of oven paper trace out little circles of pastry around 2.5 centimetres wide, 1.5 centimetres from one another.

Stand for a quarter of an hour. Cook the amaretti in an oven at 180° for around a quarter of an hour or until swollen and slightly coloured.