From a lady? No, from Alassio! A moment of pleasure walking along the Western Riviera

When hazelnuts meet whipped cream and chocolate you have Alassio baci (kisses), very tasty sweetmeats with a crisp shell and a soft heart, devoted to the most gluttonous. To taste them you have to come to Alassio, a splendid town on the Western Riviera, which gives them their name.

The most inexperienced will instead believe them to be similar to the so-called baci di dama (ladies’ kisses) but this is not the case! Alassio baci are a little bigger and mixed with chocolate and hazelnuts, not with almonds, and filled with whipped cream and chocolate: a sensation of enchanting softness.

Grant yourself a pleasure in the streets of Alassio: chocolate lovers will be ecstatic about them!