Houses that smell of salt and are mirrored in the sea

A short way from the centre of Genoa you can reach splendid villages on the sea where saltiness clings to the skin, and sitting on the beach to enjoy a dawn or a sunset is a good way to experience this beautiful land even closer. At the end of the panoramic walk of Corso Italia, you will find Boccadasse, a quaint seaside village that from the panoramic point winds as far as the little beach along a typical Ligurian creuza. The village is the ideal subject for a magnificent photo: white and grey pebbles and fishermen’s boats and nets weave together to form a mosaic that is unique for colours and vivacity. At the mouth of the Vernazza stream there is Vernazzola, separated from Boccadasse by the Santa Chiara cape. From the bay the gaze roams to the east and reaches the Portofino promontory in a breathtaking setting. Among eighteenth-century villas sheer over the sea and narrow little streets that have names inspired by classical mythology, you won't want to go away anymore.

Continuing towards the east, a must is a visit to Nervi, which with its peculiar little harbour and its elegant sea promenade will give you unforgettable views; you can admire the natural swimming pools among the rocks, enjoy a fine ice cream kissed by the sun and pop into the verdant park among the flowering roses; Nervi will stay in your heart.