When green spaces regenerate soul and body

Genoa, set between the sea and the Apennines, enjoys an exceptional climate that makes it green and full of flowers the whole year round. We see this in the countless gardens and different parks in the centre and in the districts around the city, in which centuries-old trees and plants of every kind cohabit. Among all these unspoilt oases, three are musts: the Nervi Park, the Villa Durazzo Pallavicini Park and the Villa Serra di Comago. The Nervi Park, to the extreme east of the city, is at the end of the famous Anita Garibaldi promenade atop some cliffs sheer over the sea, and is a green oasis suspended in the blue. A walk along the paths of the park will allow you to meet nice squirrels, to see exotic and scented plants, to lie down on the expanses of grass for total relaxation or to visit the romantic rose garden, which contains old roses, modern ones, competition ones and ones produced by the principal Italian and foreign hybridizers.

Villa Pallavicini is at Pegli and will manage to enchant you thanks to its fairytale atmosphere. In it, you will find little ponds, obelisks, old pagodas, tree-lined avenues and a splendid coffee house to immerse yourself in a timeless journey. Lastly, imagine the Historic Park of Villa Serra di Comago with splendid English-style gardens embellished by lakes, with white and black swans, brooks and waterfalls, and in the background an eighteenth-century villa in a very British style; if you go there, your dreams will come true!