Grandiose and solemn, it stands out among the roofs in Genoa

The splendid San Lorenzo cathedral rises stately in Via San Lorenzo and over the beautiful piazza in front of the parvis in the heart of Genoa. From San Lorenzo the oldest and narrowest caruggi unwind where the sun struggles to filter through, but the cathedral enjoys a privileged space that was set out in the first half of the nineteenth century and gives a fascinating Bohemian air to the piazza amid old shops and historic ice cream parlours. The Genoese are very much linked to San Lorenzo, the most important place of worship in the city; in the cathedral solemn masses are held and classical concerts at different times in the year. The façade, flanked by two bell towers of different heights, with peculiar white and black bands, the marble lions to the sides and three Gothic doors will invite you to enter and also to discover its inside charm, which has remained intact in time.

The nave lined with marble will take you to the altar; inside the cathedral, amid mysteries and old legends, the Sacred Bowl is preserved, a relic that the tradition attributes to the Last Supper; along the left aisle there is the chapel of St. John the Baptist, the patron saint of the city. Mention must be made of the Treasure Museum, which you enter from inside the cathedral, and the adjoining Diocesan Museum. To the left of the façade you enter Via di Scurreria; you will find yourself in another magic place in Genoa: Piazza Campetto and all the caruggi that unravel around it.