Wandering round Genoa among the palazzos of the Rolli

Via Garibaldi, also known as the Via Aurea (Golden Street) and New Street with splendid Renaissance buildings is a sort of open-air museum in the heart of Genoa and the ideal starting point for visiting the city. Walking along the street, you will find yourself immersed in a grandiose historical setting where time seems to have stopped. With its splendour, it is an example of how the old families grouped together in more and more grandiose districts, and the palazzos are a testimony to the hospitality that was offered to personalities passing through. The honour of being places of hospitality was assigned through a public draw and the list of the buildings available was defined the Rolli of Genoa. Today its 14 palazzos house the Town Hall, banks, cultural and other clubs, antiquarians, and public and private offices.

The fascinating palazzos drawn by Rubens are now World Heritage and among the most important you can find Palazzo Rosso, which houses a beautiful museum with works by Guercino, Van Dyck, Durer and Strozzi, Palazzo Bianco with paintings by Rubens, Caravaggio, David, Veronese and Magnasco, and the Palazzo Doria Tursi, the city hall, one can admire some beautiful works of art, among which the famous violin by Guarneri del Gesù. The World Heritage area also extends to a part of the historic area that from Via Lomellini, Piazza Fossatello and Via San Luca goes to Piazza Banchi, containing some of the most significant examples of the palazzos of the Rolli.