Unforgettable ups-and-downs among houses and hills. A spectacular view of slate roofs and the harbour

We want to propose a new way of looking at our splendid city. Forget the broad roads and narrow caruggi of the historic area; today we go up … and down! For those who didn’t know it, the fact is that Genoa is rich in lifts and funiculars that lead to the oldest and most panoramic places in the city. The most famous is the lift in Piazza Portello, a jewel of Liberty style that in a few minutes takes you to the marvellous Belvedere Montaldo, better known as Spianata Castelletto, where you can enjoy a very nice ice cream while in front of you there opens up a splendid view of the historic area with slate roofs and Genoa harbour. Or there is the old Sant’Anna funicular, which from the historic area rises towards an oasis of peace where there is the little Sant’Anna church, a place of meditation and calm. At the top of Via Balbi there is the Montegalletto lift, the only one in the world that first runs horizontally and then vertically; with it you get to Corso Dogali, where there is the splendid D’Albertis Castle containing the Museum of the Cultures of the World.

If instead you are in Largo Zecca, don’t miss the Zecca-Righi funicular. It runs every 15 minutes and, climbing among the houses, takes you to the green lung of the city, an exceptional panoramic point. Righi is the starting point of various itineraries within the old city walls, allowing you to reach the old Genoese forts and giving you a beautiful walk amid unspoilt greenery.