The charm of old Zena contained in the old shops

Walking through the historic area of Genoa you may come across its beautiful historic shops that tell history and preserve all its charm intact. Butchers’ shops, grocery stores, confectioners’ shops, fried food shops, but also shops selling furniture, craft products, quality tailors’ shops and pharmacies with old remedies will allure you and allow you to know better the maze of caruggi that contains in itself the Middle Ages and the Risorgimento. The shops are in old buildings, with architecture and furnishings rather original that recall stories of old legends and mosaics of peoples; some still preserve the old relics of arts and crafts, while others proudly show the new tools that allow them to continue the tradition.

Yes, because Genoa is tradition, it is culture, it is art, it is the work of those who preserve shops with care and love, those who see them changing without losing that touch of the past that absolutely everybody likes so much. There are 32 shops that belong on which there are shops that have been in activity for over 70 years and satisfy a whole series of requisites imposed by the Superintendence for the Architectural Heritage. Other are waiting for evaluation by a team of experts. You just have to discover them all; you will find them next to one another in the caruggi and if you decide to lose yourself in this splendid labyrinth, you will be enthusiastic about it!