Two rock spurs, a fort that seems to come out of a story by Tolkien, in the heart of the Antola Park

“Comme un enurme mostro, fulminòo ne l’impeto de un urlo contra-o çe” (like an enormous monster struck by lightning in the impetus of a shout against the sky). The evocative image is by Edoardo Firpo, the greatest Genoese dialect poet. Still today this picturesque description is perfectly suited to the Stone Castle, for a thousand years an unbelievable monument built between two rock spurs dominating the Valle di Vobbia. Today the Stone Castle is above all one of the most important attractions of the Genoese hinterland. Scarce documents throw light on the origins of the military building, at any rate built at the behest of the bishops of Tortona, in about the year one thousand. After different changes of ownership among the potentates of the area over the centuries, the Castle became public property in 1910.

A visit begins from the square from which there starts the access path, which passes among chestnut trees. After about twenty minutes, you come to the castle, which is in two parts at different heights. A peculiar feature is the cistern dug out in the rock at the foot of the west tower. A visit to the Castle is a prelude to discovering the Vobbia valley, where there is the luxuriant Reopasso faunistic oasis, hamlets immersed in greenery like Noceto, and unforgettable spots like the San Fermo chapel. The Antola Park has also set up a true path of castellans, divided into ten stages.