A paradise amid nature and history, twenty minutes from the city of Genoa

Lakes with crystalline water, wild rivers, ghost villages that have remained the same as three hundred years ago, and then castles unique in the world like the Pietra di Vobbia one, Liberty villas, and archaeological sites like Libarna. All immersed in nature with a thousand colours, which at the end of the summer become dazzling and unique, when the first woods light up red and yellow. A must is a visit to Casella, a terminal of a narrow gauge railway and a well equipped swimming pool for the summer. There are so many villages famous for their restaurants, always with natural foods, while at Busalla there is the famous Beer House, open to the public as a beer house and a restaurant, which has preserved its history and its furnishing in the places of the original building.

The other wildest valley is the Trebbia one. Unspoilt nature, around the Brugneto lake, under the peaks of Antola. The lake lends itself to splendid autumn excursions, with multicoloured trees that give rise to a natural palette. At Torriglia you can purchase the famous canestrelli, a sort of dry dessert that drives gluttons crazy. Montebruno, the heart of Val Trebbia, is to be visited for its Sanctuary and its Country Life Museum. A must is the rural jewel of Pentema, where at Christmas the famous living Manger is set up. A lot of excursions can be made, like one to the hostel on the peak of Antola, the Romano House with its meadow-balcony towards the sea, and Pian della Cavalla, the kingdom of narcissi and wild flowers.