Genoa, a superb holiday

Amusing, elegant, multicultural, maritime, theatrical, musical, savoury, historical, artistic…. How many Genoas are there? A thousand, perhaps more. For the city of Christopher Columbus, of the powerful and rich Maritime Republic, loved by Flemish painters in the Renaissance and the home of singer-songwriters and contemporary poets, is a magic place.

Certainly one to visit. Starting from the palaces of the Rolli, Unesco World Heritage, reaching the Aquarium and the Old Harbour, obviously going along the alleys (the caruggi) and the Museums in Strada Nuova. And then there is Palazzo Ducale, the parks, the village of Boccadasse, great events like the Nautical Show, recherché shopping and historic shops.

The sincere and strong tastes of pesto and of the restaurants that provide fresh fish. Genoa, a superb holiday, precisely.