A place to worship and relax, in nature that climbs up the mountains from the sea. For pilgrims and for anyone who wants to find some pleasant moments of peace

From the sea of Genoa to the mountains, a land that touches on the thousand-metre asl mark. We are in the middle of the Apennines, immersed in the spruce firs, the acacia trees on the valley floor and the pines halfway up. Follow nature that slowly changes in form and colour - climb up to the sanctuary of Madonna della Guardia, important place of worship and continuous destination for pilgrimages. Here the Madonna appeared in the past and now a climate devoted to the faithful lives on. Then discover the landscape and its hamlets. The perfect place to spend a few days in peace, do some pleasant hiking and appreciate Ligurian specialities like corzetti polceveraschi, handmade pasta bowties served with pine kernel sauce.

What to see: sanctuary of Madonna della Guardia