Where the river of the same name flows amidst woodlands and deep inlets, not far from Genoa. Intimate nature that gives space to unique experiences

Amongst chestnut groves and steep slopes, in the land where the Scrivia river is born. Discover a characteristic landscape in the mid Apennines and its signs of history. The Bromia bridge tells the story of a Roman past, the castle ruins bring us to the medieval era. In the past a renowned holiday destination for notable Genoese families, now it is home to highly valued paintings, preserved in its churches and in the sanctuary of the Tre Fontane. From here you can set out along the paths that take you to the Noci valley lake and to the top of Mount Bano (1035 mt). A splendid hike that continues with a journey through the flavours of the table - delight your taste buds with the famous canestrelli biscuits and the white potato, celebrated by a traditional fair.

What to see: historical museum of the Upper Scrivia valley, sanctuary of the Tre Fontane