Righi offers truly exceptional views of the entire city of Genoa and its port

Righi is accessible from the Castelletto district, on foot via the steep, narrow, red-brick creuze, by car via the ring-road above the city, by public bus or using the convenient Zecca-Righi funicular railway. After exploring the narrow streets and getting to know the heart of the city, looking out over its rooftops and bell towers from the viewpoint of the funicular railway terminus is a wonderful experience that leaves a lasting memory. From Righi, there are many paths suitable for walking and mountain biking, so that anyone can get from the city centre to the green open space of the Parco delle Mura in just a few minutes. It is possible to visit Righi all year round, but the best seasons are spring and summer. In spring, during the walk towards the fortresses, visitors can fully appreciate the new Mediterranean light and reawakening blooms. In summer, it is a great place to rest and cool down.