A place that tells the story of Genoese holidays. To rediscover, amongst nature trails and folklore events

On the Postumia way, nestled on an alluvial plain, a Roman era town. In the past renowned Genoese holiday spot, now it provides the intact splendour of art nouveau houses and colourful gardens. Historical testimonies lie in the ruins of the castle of Borgo Fornari and the famous bridge. Then follow the paths that lead you to Monte Reale where you will be rewarded with a view stretching from the gorges of the river to the Monferrato hills. The old town boasts a composed ambience that livens up during the folk festivals. Don’t miss the picturesque Contea Spinola procession that re-enacts the historical coining of the Spinola shield with dances, duels and culinary specialities from the era.

What to see: art nouveau villas, castle of Borgo Fornari