In the heart of the Stura valley a township with a double soul - farming and industrial. A land that looks with devotion at nature and at work, authentic as the people who live it

Two hamlets that preserve unique features. The lower zone preserves churches and former spinning factories that used to abound in the zone. The upper zone boasts narrow alleyways with low vaulted porticos and squat pillars, and a 15th century parish church with an Assumption of the Virgin by Bernardo Castello. Now open up to the land, a wooded setting that stretches towards wide valleys and gives interesting paths, where you can appreciate old fortified homesteads, animal breeding farms. A landscape that is best discovered on a mountain bike, but also at the table, where the local chestnuts are always served.

What to see: fortified homesteads, church of San Bernardo, Museo Passatempo (Hobbies Museum)