Amongst places of worship and lush vineyards, a village that adds value to history and offers up excellent wines

An ancient Roman village in the hinterland between Savona and Vado Ligure, on the left bank of the river of the same name. A past that outlines the courses of war and tells chapters of history and passion. The same that now lives in the work and in the ties with the land. Discover a place recognised for the excellence of its wines. Take a seat in a typical trattoria and sip on a fine Buzzetto, a dry wine that goes very well with the typical flavours of Ligurian cuisine, or taste a Granaccia, a full-bodied wine that is the best embrace for wild game. From the dining pleasures to the moments that enrich the soul. Don’t miss the intimate atmospheres of gatherings in the church of San Pietro in Carpignano.