The bluest sea for a holiday amid beaches and unspoilt seabeds

What is the secret of the sea of Bergeggi? Nobody knows, yet having left Savona and its harbour behind you, after two bends, you see the turquoise waterfront, the white cliffs and the islet of Bergeggi. Below there is the sea, a world of thousand colours, that you do not often see even in tropical seas.

The colour of the sea is the strong point of this stretch: bright blue green, transparent under the sun’s rays. All sports are possible: canoeing, beach volley, windsurfing, snorkelling and diving to discover seabeds, and to explore caverns and caves like the Train Cave, a karstic cavity of over 400 metres, to which today there are guided visits. Guarding this wild and wonderful stretch of coast, with little hidden bays hewn out in the rock, among which Punta Prodani and the Beach of Sirens, the island of Bergeggi, today a Marine Protected Area, is among the most charming in Liguria. There are sites here for every kind of dive, with seabeds suited to neophytes.

Like Bergeggi, Spotorno too is a popular sea place with young people and families. The bathing establishments along the Merello and inside the village are all equipped with play areas for children, canoeing, beach volley, pedalos and diving centres and for the evening they give opportunities for dining on the beach, pieds dans l’eau.

The beauty of the village and the surrounding environment inspired the poetry of Camillo Sbarbaro, who spent his infancy here and also decided to spend the last part of his life here.