From the turquoise sea to the submarine world, the white cliffs, the villages of Noli, Bergeggi and Spotorno, you will feel you have been on Holiday for a lifetime

When you go along the Via Aurelia in the Bergeggi stretch it is as if there were a poster that says to you: welcome to holidays!! The transparent sea that bathes the island of Bergeggi makes you want to swim and discover some truly unique seabeds. Capo Noli all over the world is a destination known to free climbers. There is a spectacular view of the Cave of Counterfeiters on the sea. For those who love nightlife, in Bergeggi and Spotorno you will find local glamour, lounge bars in the promenade and establishments that organize suppers, happy hours and DJ sets on the beach. Noli is a village to love for its colourful historic area.