A journey into the most colourful caves in Italy

An underground itinerary 800 metres long, among enormous blocks, drapes as thin as sheets, big columns that seem to hold up the ceiling up to the eccentric stalactites, defying the force of gravity and developing in all directions.

And everywhere colours – white, yellow, red in a thousand different tones due to the presence of various minerals – make the Borgio Verezzi Caves the most colourful caves open to tourists in Italy.

After going down the steps you come to the first chamber, characterized by thin stalactites. A little further on you find the “Mantle of St. Martin”, a formation that reminds one of the drapery of a fabric. The “Sea Bells” are instead sonorous stalactites, because if struck they produce a sound very similar to the tolling of bells.

Continuing in the itinerary you go through the “Lunar Landscape” and reach the first lakes, a splendid emerald colour. Immediately afterwards you meet the “Castle”, a formation that looks like the model of a fort atop a mountain. Continuing the itinerary you reach the “Little pond of the fairies” and pass into the “Red canyon.” Here you find elegant thread-like stalactites over a metre long, so sensitive as to vibrate simply with the sound of a voice.