A dream sea, medieval villages and unspoilt nature in an Eldorado for bikers and free climbers

Finalese boasts of a sea with extraordinary tones, emerald green and turquoise, thanks to the particular white rock that is mirrored in the water. The centre is divided between FinalPia and FinalMarina, a beautiful and lively coastal village, animated the whole year round with a long promenade shaded by palm trees. Many bathing establishments, equipped free beaches, games for children and eating and drinking places on the beach. Among the free beaches there is a dog-friendly one.

Along the Finalmarina gut, the central alley with all the shops, you breathe in a holiday atmosphere all year round, with typical shops, great fashion and little fish restaurants. In the centre, the San Giovanni Battista parish church, with a grandiose interior and a façade between two bell towers, is one of the best Ligurian Baroque works. Bearing witness to the Spanish dominion there is the triumphal arch of Margherita of Spain, built in 1666 when the princess called in at Finale on the way to seeing her betrothed: the Austrian emperor.

Finalpia arose around the Santa Maria Pia Benedictine abbey, founded in 1576, where monks still live today. Since the 1930s they have produced much appreciated honey that you can purchase in the abbey together with propolis and other natural products.

From here you go up towards the panoramic provincial road for Manie, a plateau sheer over the sea behind Varigotti, Noli and Spotorno, a favourite area with mountain bike lovers and famous thanks to the Finale 24 hours’ race that draws teams of bikers from all over the world.