Among the little pastel colour houses, in August you meet VIPs and plenty of nightlife, and the rest of the year a happy cat enjoying the sun on the beach

To Varigotti we Ligurians have to go at least once a year, because it is such a beautiful and unique place we are afraid we won’t find it when we get there.

And instead for centuries it has always been there, with its houses painted with colours that remind you of summer fruits, peaches, apricots, strawberries. Like cubes of colour placed on the sand, in front of a turquoise sea, rich in fish and shells.

Perhaps because of the enchanting sea, the fine and almost white sand, the long Bay of the Saracens, Varigotti is one of the most beloved places in Liguria, always on the covers of glossy magazines, because there are always a lot of VIPs that spend their holidays here.

The style of the village is pseudo-Arabic, due to a period of Saracen influence. A maze of alleys which you go round on foot or on a bicycle looks directly out on the sandy beach, where old gullets of fishermen are moored. There are colourful little squares, delightful bars and cafes for a breakfast or a cool appetizer. You can take a walk among the little houses in the village that look like paintings, with their entrances adorned by bougainvilleas, geraniums, sage and rosemary.

Many centuries have passed since Varigotti was a fortified and well protected harbour. Of this history there remains the old vestige of the lookout tower on Punta Crena. From this promontory, which you get to via a steep mule track, there is a wonderful view of the whole gulf as far as Capo Noli. Under this cliff there is an unbelievable secret bay: amid caves and white sand, the sea reflects all the green emerald hues of the Mediterranean maquis.