A village in the middle of the woods of Val Bormida, where every path leads to a paradise for mushroomers

Can a village with a notice at the entrance saying: “I will be yours, the boletus promises!” not be an adorable village!? Immersed in oak, chestnut tree, hazelnut and beech woods, in Bardineto it is nature that commands. A calm old village that lives in a beautiful welcoming valley in the most mountainous part of the Riviera.

Anyone who spends their summer holidays here enjoys long walks in the woods, amid brooks and beeches, enjoying meeting the little animals of the wood, eating the natural and savoury local cuisine and breathing in the air of the little old world.

Then in autumn the music changes and Bardineto becomes the capital of a big autumn feast: the National Feast of the Golden Mushroom. At the end of summer true mushroomers set out to search for it, filling their baskets with chestnut tree leaves, overflowing with agaric and boletus mushrooms.

The big October feast, involving awarding the Gold Boletus, is a big attraction for all lovers of outdoor life and good cuisine. Trattorias and restaurants are always full, every day turning out dishes that extol the unique taste of the mushrooms.

In Bardineto, as in the whole of Val Bormida, the woods are rich in springs and small caves of great speleological interest. The longest of these, the buranco, has two km of burrows and tunnels dug out by an underground stream. An underground world still all to be discovered.