Imagine being in a cottage in the wood, the wooden table laid with the good things that nature can offer you

On the Melogno hill, Calizzano shows the features of the alpine landscape, in summer very green and shady, in winter almost northern with its snow-clad woods. At the end of summer these spectacular woods give life to precious little goodies, boletus mushrooms and chestnuts treated in the old way, today a slow food presidium. There are plenty of springs with low mineral content connected by an excursion itinerary.

Calizzano is a well preserved old village with coloured cottages, squares and the fine San Lorenzo church. With chestnuts, edible boletus mushrooms, honey, jams, polenta, leek sauces, vegetable creams, the cuisine of Calizzano is also much appreciated thanks to the recognition granted to chestnuts dried in “tecci”, a Slow Food presidium. “Tecci” are small constructions in stone with wood racks to smoke the chestnuts, used for two months a year.

This old tradition is celebrated in the chestnut festivals at the end of October in Calizzano and Murialdo. Restaurants offer biscuits, jams, creams and ice creams, thus valorising the already savoury chestnuts.

Val Bormida is one of the woodiest zones in Italy with two jewels: the Demesnal Forest of the Melogno hill and the majestic Barbottina beech wood, where beech trees 40 metres high are found. It is a spectacle of nature to be enjoyed going on foot along the l’Alta Via dei Monti Liguri (High Road of the Ligurian Mountains) or along the road that climbs to the Melogno hill, also in autumn, when it takes on warm reddish hues.