A handful of houses giving rise to handcrafted art and to culinary flavours. Amongst magnificent forests that supply the wood and opportunities for discovery

One of the smallest municipalities in Liguria, nestled in the upper Tanaro valley. A tiny village with a history connected to the marquises of Monferrato. Amongst the ruins of an old castle you can see magnificent chestnut groves, with this fruit once being a precious resource for the inhabitants. Now, artisan shops and craft laboratories have revived the forest life, offering small masterpieces for the home and work. Here the cuisine gives a flavour-filled menu - the typical dish celebrated during the town food fair are ravioli with mushroom sauce. If you enjoy walking, there are lots of hiking trails along the slopes of the Rossotta - from tracks towards the peak of the Ravere to the Salt Road, amidst suggestive landscapes of broadleaf trees and smooth meadows.