Treks up to the highest points of the Pora valley, where you can admire the splendid vineyards and appreciate all the value of country life

Tiny communities of houses embraced together give a typical face to Rialto, a farm town in the Finale hinterland. Discover a territory with a vocation for wine, in its past dedicated to silverwork. Amongst the houses that overlook the vineyards and the olive groves cultivated on the terracing you will find its churches that have Romanesque traces and preserve late-Gothic sculptures. In the oratories are displayed the tools of life in the fields to remember the farming civilisation. It’s a short step from the art and traditions of work to moments of pleasure. Set off on hikes that will take you up to a thousand metres asl, to the hill of Melogno and to the top of Gettina, where you will be rewarded by magnificent views.