One of the most popular seaside resorts, with many well equipped bathing establishments

A mild climate the whole year round, long sandy beaches and a beautiful historic area: at Pietra there is everything! A splendid sea promenade with palm trees and modern bathing facilities make Pietra a truly pleasant seaside resort suitable for everybody. On the beautiful beaches you can calmly sunbathe and have lunch; you can also enrol at surfing and swimming schools, take part in aquatic sport tournaments, and do aquatic gym. Here there was one of the first dog-friendly beaches in Liguria.

In addition to sea and fun, Pietra boasts a beautiful historic area divided into Borgo Vecchio and Borgo Nuovo. The Borgo Vecchio is medieval with the typical narrow caruggi, the high and colourful houses, the arched buttresses, the paved streets and the play of shadow and sun among the roofs. The Borgo Nuovo is Renaissance. Walking in the centre you meet splendid medieval and eighteenth-century palazzos; the most important one is Palazzo Leale-Franchelli, with beautiful frescoed rooms and a rich library.

Of course, for gourmets there are opportunities to delight the palate: in September there is Very Sweet Pietra, where you can taste and purchase delicacies, cakes, wines and liqueurs coming from all over Italy. In August it is well worth climbing up toward Ranzi, a small village immersed in greenery just 3 kilometres from Pietra, for the traditional Nostralino festival (dedicated to an important local wine): an authentic feast where you can taste tradition dishes and enjoy a glass of the red wine of “our old men.”