The cinema set of the film “Inkheart”, the old village of Balestrino is the village where time has stopped and only silence reigns. The ghost village has been an uninhabited place for half century, namely since 1962-63, when frequent landslides led the population to move downhill and the old village was slowly abandoned, leaving possession of it to nature.

To enter the village you go along a lane that flanks the walls of the houses and starts from what today is the square adjacent to the church of the new Balestrino. You are immediately immersed in an atmosphere of peace and silence. Everything has stopped in this abandoned village; even the church clock and the old sundial do not mark the hours anymore. You expect from one moment to the next to hear a noise, but often out of the corner of your eye you see a cat quickly running away at the arrival of visitors.

The houses are all made of stone and precarious, and it is not wise to visit it. Your gaze is caught by the imposing structure of the Castle that, from its dominant position, still today watches over the old uninhabited village. Here in the old village time has stopped, and the inanimate walls preserve all their history reflecting an aura of charm in the shaded alleys.