Amongst the remains of castles and ancient sites of justice, a village that evokes and renews traditions, starting from prehistory

Picturesque village in the valley, marked by the river of the same name. Originally a village of the Ligurian Ingauni, its history is tied to the bishops of Albenga. You can discover its prehistoric origins in the suggestive caves of Scogli Neri and the Buco delle Conche site. Continue your journey through time along the left bank of the river, in San Lorenzo, where you can find the ancient tribunal, a chair carved into the rock. Climb up here to San Michele, in a dominant position, amongst the remains of a thousand-year old castle. Here the medieval chapters are brought back to life during the “Pallio dei Carri”, a re-enactment of the battles enlivened by food stalls and costume shows.