A pastoral glimpse enriched by the vineyards and by the flavours of tradition, where time passes slowly because it has a lot to tell

An inhabited centre that decorates the hills of the Pietra Ligure hinterland. If you follow the SentieroLiguria trail through olive groves and Mediterranean brush, along the Maremola river and its clean, fish-filled waters, you can expect to find moments of wellbeing and tranquillity. Here, time is marked by the ringing of the bell towers and is valorised by a museum dedicated to tower clocks, the first one opened in Italy. Then set off on pleasant hikes to the hill of the Melogno and discover magnificent glimpses from above. The lush vineyards accompany you as you dine too, with the fine Pigato, Ver-mentino wines, the rare Barbarossa wine, while you’re tucking into a typical plate of snails or a pumpkin quiche.