Alleys, medieval towers and the Roman Naval Museum

Penetrating into the historic area of Albenga, the best preserved on the Western Coast, is like making a search in history books from the early Christian epoch to the Renaissance. The streets are traced out according to the Roman scheme.

The early Christian Baptistery tells us the story of the first conversions; the San Michele cathedral was built on the old church, from the same epoch as the baptistery.
Along the alleys you meet the red and crenellated medieval towers and the 11th-century Bishop’s Palace, with the collection of the Diocesan Museum.

Not to be missed are two charming little squares, Piazzetta dei Leoni and Piazzetta delle Erbe, the latter having been modernised with eating and drinking places for young people, and Palazzo Doria-Cepolla, which houses the Roman Naval Museum, where there are amphorae found off Gallinara. Outside the historic area there is the Pontelungo Roman aqueduct and the old San Giorgio church, where there is one of the first depictions of the Divine Comedy.