The family holiday paradise halfway along the Riviera dei Fiori (Flowers Riviera)

Beach umbrellas and golden sand for a very long shore. Diano Marina, on the sea of the Flowers Riviera, has always had a tourist and maritime vocation. The beach, among the longest in Liguria, is fine sand and there are shallow seabeds that make it suitable for family holidays.

The splendid promenade behind the centre follows the shore as far as the enchanting Capo Berta, where the water takes on Caribbean colours. Diano Marina is a place for a holiday with relaxation and convenience. Modern hotels, perfect for families, suited to every pocket, bathing establishments that offer a multiplicity of services and sporting activities. Beach volley, Surfing, Kiting, Canoeing, a load of fun, a big tourist harbour for mooring small pleasure boats.

Here everything is close at hand, from the station to the very central hotel, down to the beach, and you can fully enjoy your time. Diano is a very lively little town, vivacious, with a rich calendar of events in the summer period. The most important event is the Corpus Christi flower parade, which takes place in June, when two thousand square metres of rose petals completely cover the paving of the streets in the centre, forming a composite perfumed carpet, with many colours, affording a truly charming spectacle. Diano Marina is not only sea and fun. To know the history of this old community, from prehistory to the Ligurian tribes and the Republic of Genoa, you can visit the Civic Archaeological Museum. Here you will discover the origin of the name of Diano, dedicated by the Romans to the goddess of hunting, Diana.