One of the richest in history in Liguria

The historic area of Taggia is one of the richest in history in Liguria, second for size only to that of Genoa. Some streets have a rare beauty: Via Soleri with patrician mansions looking out on the street and old porticos where antiques and craft markets are often held, Via San Dalmazzo, of medieval origin, with portals in slate, where the coats-of-arms of the noble families are graven. Part of the walls is preserved, with the bastions from which the people of Taggia watched the horizon for pirate ships.

At the end of the 15th century, towards the sea the Dominicans built one of the most beautiful monasteries in the region, the most imposing monumental complex in the whole of Western Liguria. At the centre of the cloister, there soars up a tall palm tree and an olive tree reminds us that the Valle Argentina is the valley of the taggiasca cultivar. Well worth a visit is the imposing Romanesque medieval bridge: a grandiose construction with 16 arcades, perfectly preserved, which crosses the Argentina stream for a length of 260 metres.