Two small villages on the sea with very beautiful marinas and a stone's throw from one of the longest cycle paths in the Mediterranean

San Lorenzo is a small seaside village that amid alleys and little squares still preserves the old fishermen’s houses. In winter the village is silent and calm, while in summer it is enlivened by tourists and swimmers. It has two minuscule pedestrianized historic areas of medieval origin.

Precisely from the old houses looking out on the sea to the west there starts a beautiful walk that coasts the beaches amid aloes and maritime pines. Here there starts the cycle path of the coastal park of Western Liguria that amid charming landscapes reaches Sanremo.

About 24 kilometres long, it follows the coastal route of the old railway line. After going through a long tunnel, you are immersed in a landscape sheer over the sea, of unique beauty, with agaves that aim straight towards the sky. Towards the east, instead, a sea promenade leads to Marina San Lorenzo, the new tourist harbour.

Santo Stefano is a small timeless village where the houses are full of colour. The narrow roads and the 16th-century tower tell of the fear of raids by pirates that centuries ago struck the coasts of Liguria. Nothing to do with the lively holiday atmosphere that you breathe in today. Via Roma, the main street in the village, is a typical alley with historic buildings and charming covered passages that lead to the waterfront, where typical restaurants can be found with fish-based menus. To the east of the village there is the Marina degli Aregai tourist harbour, one of the biggest and best equipped in all Liguria.