An old village immersed among the olive groves of the Prino Valley, where extra virgin olive oil is produced that is among the most appreciated

On the hills of the Prino Valley, the gaze roams infinitely over olive groves, because here in the Imperia province high quality extra virgin olive oil is a serious thing and Dolcedo is no exception, quite the opposite. Here the oil tradition is a skill that is handed down from father to son.

Since the Middle Ages oil has been the basis of the economy of Dolcedo, so much so as to earn it, in the 14th century, the appellative of “golden basin.” A medieval village actually formed by eight hamlets, each with its own old history: in between there are the stream and five bridges joining the different hamlets, among them the very beautiful Big Bridge, with its unique and magnificent Gothic arcade.

In the 17th century Dolcedo was one of the most important economic and cultural centres in Western Liguria, and this greatness is reflected in its artistic and civil monuments. A walk in the old centre will reveal signals, big and small, of its old greatness: the refined arcaded porticoes of the buildings and the rows of houses of the Palazzata that look out on the Prino stream. Another tangible sign of its seventeenth-century wealth is the Baroque San Tommaso church, the biggest in the whole valley, which was designed by Marvaldi and in the nineteenth-century restoration was given intense blue walls on which important gold stuccoes stand out.