Traditions and war chapters distinguish a village that proudly admires the sea. A place with a vocation for religion and creativity

Not far from Sanremo, Cipresso looks over the sea and has a long, intense warring history behind it. Inside, in Lingueglietta, you can discover the unusual fortified church of San Pietro, both a place of worship and a watchtower against pirates. A characteristic village in a scenic position, in a semicircle arrangement as a defence against raids from the sea in the 16th century. It’s easy to enter into history too, just as it is easy to discover a creative spirit: the power and gas metres are painted with drawings of skies and flowers, tiny pictures at leg height. A township that also invites hikers. The trails include the exciting mule trails to Mount Faudo, which are also suitable for mountain bikes.

Honorary titles: Italy’s most beautiful citadels (Lingueglietta)