White like milk, butter and flour

Tasty and energy-giving dishes, white like milk, butter and flour. The sheep-faming culture gave rise to the so-called white cuisine, a particular ethnic gastronomy made of farinaceous foods, dairy produce, vegetables with little colour like potatoes, turnips, leeks, garlic and wild plants picked along the paths.

Despite the relative proximity to the sea, Mediterranean cuisine appears distant: oil for instance is considered a sort of medicine, a precious good to be used parsimoniously, “cu u truncu” (the dose was obtained by dipping a sprig in the bottle).

Potato and leek pies, streppa and caccia là (pasta seasoned with cabbage leaves, turnips and potatoes), sugeli (a kind of little gnocchi) with brusso, turle (ravioli made with potatoes and mint): to taste these savoury and unique dishes you have to come to Mendatica and you must not miss in August the Feast of White Cuisine.