In the very green Valle Arroscia there is an old village divided between antiques and contemporary art

At Pieve di Teco, a village in the upper Valle Arroscia, you breathe in history at every step. Take a walk under the charming medieval porticos that flank the principal street of the historic area and it will seem to you that you have gone back in time. Portals in carved slate, old buildings and old shops displaying typical products, from Ormeasco from nearby Pornassio, controlled-origin-denomination red wine, to the extra virgin oil of the Valle Arroscia, the much appreciated garlic from Vessalico and savoury Brigasca sheep’s toma.

Further underlining this charming atmosphere is the important antiques market held in the main street on the last Sunday in the month: amuse yourself looking among the over 150 stalls displaying old and precious objects alongside simpler and humbler country life ones.

But don’t be deceived: Pieve di Teco is a village that has succeeded in wedding its old soul with an aspiration to a contemporary lifestyle. Not to be missed is a visit to the Madonna della Ripa church, where there is the permanent exhibition The Ubaga Masks: 100 extraordinary and symbolic masks poetically reinterpreted by over 80 masters of contemporary art, Italian and foreign. Art and nature blend creating a fairy-tale environment in the Arrogna Naturarte Outdoor itinerary: works of art totally created with natural material disseminated along a path that from the village of Pieve di Teco leads to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Mud.