A township embraced by a very large and suggestive beech forest. Where you can come across rare fauna, discover resources for handicrafts and wild fruits

Tiny churches and ancient chapels are scattered through a town that welcomes you with a grand beech forest. Discover it and you can come across rare or endangered animal species. In the woodlands you can set off for hikes that take you to the 15th century sanctuary of Nostra Signora del Santo Sepolcro, a gothic gem with frescoes by Pietro Guido from Ranzo. From the pleasures of nature and art to those of the taste buds - try the flavourful cheeses, sitting on the meadows in the company of friendly goats. Be delighted by the wild raspberries and blueberries, by the “brusso” - midway between firm cheese and ricotta - or by the characteristic “regamani” - small trofie made by rubbing the pasta between your hands.