Five hamlets arranged in the shape of a star, a landscape that looks towards the sea, meadows dotted by shepherds and grazing sheep and typical country cuisine

Small country centre in the Ligurian Appenines, in the upper basin of the Sansobbia river, where you can still breath in the sea air of Albissola. This is the birthplace and final resting place of Sandro Pertini: former president of the Italian Republic. A mild climate and the benefits of the sea, just a few kilometres away, await to give you a lush Mediterranean brush, amongst beech and chestnut forests, where you can go hiking or mountain biking. You’ll experience a characteristic landscape that hides the ruins of ancient Aleramic fortifications. Amongst parish churches boasting valued wooden statues, the five hamlets will also delight your taste buds with the typical local products, including fresh goat’s cheese.