A valley that follows a river, lush nature where the water and the green give room to the emotions, excited by intense sports or just relaxing

Sitting on the highest part of the valley of the Orba river, not far from the Beigua Riviera, is a settlement of five hamlets spread amongst the oak and chestnut forests. Carve out a space near pristine nature with the most genuine flavours. The crystalline waters of the river are an invitation to go fishing and for thrilling experiences like canoeing and kayaking. Here the water is a pleasant background, lakes and cascades characterise the whole landscape. The perfect spot for outdoor sports and unique disciplines like summer skiing on the grass. After all that outdoor activity, take a seat at the table: the typical cuisine of the Ligurian hinterland offers mushrooms and chestnuts and the delicious “Zraria” with a jellied meat base.