The beautiful, centuries -old Abbey is found in the Portofino Park and is accessible by sea, while in the depths of the nearby sea lies a statue of Jesus Christ ("Cristo degli Abissi")

The San Fruttuoso abbey is at Capodimonte, in a deep inlet in the Portofino Park. You get there on foot from Camogli up the paths on the side of the mountain or conveniently by boat from Camogli, Genoa and the Tigullio towns. After Punta Chiappa, from the sea you glimpse the dome of the old Benedictine Abbey now belonging to FAI (Italian Environmental Association).
Originally a Benedictine monastery, it became a pirates’ hideout, then a humble fishermen’s abode and then for centuries belonged to the Doria princes; it is a unique place, looking out on a splendid bay with a small equipped pebble beach, three eating places; it is a place preserved over the centuries and enwrapped by thick Mediterranean maquis.

The architecture is truly very beautiful, in typically Ligurian Romanesque style, in white marble and slate from the surrounding valleys; the Cloister, the Museum, the graves of the Dorias and the Doria Tower are visitable. Off the abbey, there are the waters of the Portofino Marine Reserve, into which the bronze statue of Christ of the abysses, with uplifted arms, was lowered.
The hand is 10 metres down, while to reach the base you have to go down to a depth of 15 metres. Many couples of diving lovers have chosen this magic place to get married. Every year on the last Saturday in July a spectacular ceremony is held for the Feast of Christ of the Abysses.