This typical fishing village is built around a small sand-and-pebble beach and is the first place you come to when travelling east from Nervi, which marks the eastern border of the municipality of Genoa

An eleventh-century castle and some small inhabited areas dotted along the overlooking ridge testify to the fact that the village was often invaded by the Saracens during the Middle Ages. You can follow a tourist path that takes you up to visit them and then carry on towards Pieve and Sori. Numerous villas, including some prestigious nineteenth-century buildings, are situated along the olive-covered hilltops. The small restaurants in the village and along the coast offer typical Ligurian dishes, particularly 'pansoti' and fish dishes. All kinds of water sports can be practised at Bogliasco, including swimming, diving, competitive fishing, sailing and canoeing. There is also a covered swimming pool, tennis courts and splendid football pitches (the Sampdoria training ground is on the hills at Poggio). The small tourist harbour can host quite a number of boats. The church of Santa Maria was consecrated in 1794 and contains some works of high cultural value, including a crucifix by Maragliano.