Hospitality, traditions, views and good food are waiting for you all year round. They have been for over a thousand years

“Janua patet”, “the gate is open” is the invitation on the coat of arms. This is a Longobard village in the Recco hinterland, open to tradition and hospitality. Come here, whenever you want, the weather is pleasant all year round. There is a wonderful landscape with many botanical species. Then, discover the tower clocks that are built here and ordered by the Vatican City too; the Trebino museum is devoted to these clocks. Views and historical places of worships are intertwined, such as the Sant’Ambrogio Romanesque church that houses many wooden statues. From the sacred works to the masterpieces of the table, such as the trofie matte, made with chestnut flour or the noin e battolli, turnip tops with tagliatelle made with chestnut flour.