Paraggi, a little bay framed by verdant green hills, is situated on the Riviera di Levante on the Portofino promontory about 33 kilometers from Genoa. Because of its splendid location and poetry of place, its coastline and beach were listed in the "places of the Heart" of FAI (Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano – National Trust of Italy) in 2003.
This small, natural port at the base of the Portofino headland offers select and quiet beaches of fine white sand; its seabeds are rich with corals, gorgonians and other marine delights; wading only a few meters out, it is not unusual to observe other treasures of the sea, such as starfish, and occasionally, small, seldom-seen crustaceans.

Itineraries in the surrounding hills can provide refreshing breaks on hot summer days and pleasing surprises for winter hikers as well.
Lapped by an emerald sea, featuring hidden beaches with few permanent residents, Paraggi is ideal for travelors seeking an exclusive holiday far from the crowds.
The wide variety of walks and excursions on Monte di Portofino offer the chance to spend pleasant days of relaxation in uninterrupted contact with nature throughout the year. In summer, calm days on sun-drenched beaches and relaxing evenings overlooking the sea in neighboring Portofino are available in virtually the same place.